If you have been trying to create a website for your business, you may have heard that you should use a single page view for your website. And that is partly true; you should use a single view page for your WordPress website. It can be extremely useful when you put all of your information onto a single page that can be viewed by all of the visitors to your website. A single page view website will load much faster and give all of your website’s visitors a faster browsing experience. And it is also much easier to read too.

WordPress also has many different kinds of themes which will display your website in one view. The one view page website themes are very numerous, so it can be difficult to choose one. Fortunately for you, this article will list the best one-page view WordPress themes for you. So it will make it easier for you to choose the right theme to use for your website. If you have trouble searching for the best one-page theme to use, you can just check out some of these themes. They are attractive, efficient and are the best one-page view WordPress themes that you can get.

Llorix One Lite

This is a minimalist one-page theme for WordPress that will respond very rapidly. If you want visitors to your website to be able to browse through it fast, then you should seriously consider getting this theme. It will make your website load much faster and also be quite responsive too. When you use this theme, you can just scroll through to the bottom of the page of your website, to see all of the relevant information. You can use this theme if you want your website to load very fast.


One advantage of this theme is the visible and responsive slider included with it. Your visitors can just use this slider to access all of the different parts of your website quite easily. So it should be a very easy theme to navigate around.


This WordPress one-page view theme has got an interactive full-page background. This one-page theme can make your website look very attractive because it will make your website look very professional and elegant. This one-page WordPress theme could be extremely useful, especially if you have got a photography related website. You can just use one of your high-resolution shots to be the background of your website.


When you want the information on your website to be neat and order, try using this one-page view WordPress theme. It neatly orders all of your information, which makes it easy for other people to find it. This can be an extremely useful website if you want to upload your CV or general resume onto your website. You can just direct visitors to your website if you want them to see your various achievements and accomplishments. This one-page WordPress theme is definitely one to get if you want to use a very informative but still organized layout for your website.

Business One

The name of this theme says it all; it is a very appropriate single page view for small businesses. When you use this theme, visitors to your website or people looking for your business’ information, can easily do so by easily checking out your information. Using this WordPress one-page theme, your business information will be cleanly and attractively displayed, which will lead to more people being able to find the information they need much more easily. So if you are concerned about your visitor’s experience when going to your website, you can use this theme if you want to make a comfortable experience for them.

Zifer Child

Do you run a photography website, and want to display all of your portfolios in a single easy to view page? Then you may want to use this theme. It has got a very clean layout in which your whole art portfolio can be viewed, which makes it easy for visitors to your website to see all of your work, without having to click on different pages.

Azera Shop

For online stores that want to display all of their wares on one-page then this could be the theme to use. It has got a very neat layout, which will display all of the things that you are selling at your shop. And you get to change what is displayed too, such as price or the number of items. This theme may even get you more sales because the moment that a customer visits your website they can immediately purchase something. So if you want to make your online store’s official website to look clean, then think about using this theme.


This is a very colourful one-page WordPress theme to use. So you should try it out if you want to give your website a unique look. It does not have a navigation menu, but you can easily scroll down through the rest of the page to view all of your information. Despite being very graphic heavy, this is still a very responsive WordPress theme.

One Paze

The elegant design of this one-page WordPress theme includes clean minimalism and a large, high-resolution image that you can use as a background. This is an extremely modern looking theme that should be appropriate to use for any business website. So if you are looking for a general all-purpose WordPress theme, then this could be the one for you.

Parallax One

One of the biggest features that this theme has is the parallax effect it will give to your website’s background. This effect can make your website interactive and will impress visitors to your website. It also has numerous menu layouts that you can customize, to achieve the best look for your website. Overall, this is a modern theme that should appeal to a lot of people.

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