Feminine WordPress Themes

Are you a personal blogger? If so then you might be looking for this year’s top feminine WordPress themes. Here are some of the top ones.

Feminine WordPress themes list

1. Kloe

This WordPress theme allows people to create a fashion/lifestyle blog easily. The first step is to pick a homepage because the theme includes various options like showcases, carousels, catalogs, and sliders. You can use eye-catching blog templates to provide posts with more variety.

For example, one post might feature winter clothing, while another one includes fashion trends. It’s not necessarily needed to change post formats. However, it can allow users to figure out the different categories.

The demo content’s 1-lick import includes text/images that are usually found on theme demos. This helps to get the site live faster. That’s because you don’t have to build from the ground up. The portfolio showcase has stylish layouts and tons of space for sharing past work. Possible employers also have an interface. This allows them to quickly scroll through content to determine if you’re right for a particular job.

2. Tilala

This theme appeals to people who want basic style and feminine touches. Tilala includes several options for layout, color, footer scripts, custom CSS, etc. There are also several homepage templates available. There’s also a widget area that have shortcodes, custom widgets, etc. It’s also compatible with multiple browsers and is translation ready.

3. Samantha

This is another WordPress theme with a feminine layout and tons of white space. There are social media buttons near the top and a big logo that’s centered in the center of the header. This setup quickly shows what they can expect from the WordPress blog. There’s no need to read the About page in order to learn about what the website is about.

This WordPress theme is of the eCommerce variety. As a result, it can be integrated with the WooCommerce plugin. You just have to upload images and link the theme to a particular payment processor.

4. Josephine

If your site is for lifestyle blogging then Josephine is an excellent option for your WordPress theme. There’s a responsible design. You also don’t have to know any code in order to change any elements of the theme. That’s a big plus if you’re a beginner/advanced webmaster. That’s because even novices can make quick designs very easily.

If you buy them you get 5 homepage variations. Another plus is the relaxing/elegant design is a great way to highlight all your site’s content.

Another excellent feature of the theme is the built-in portfolio. That’s because it allows you to show your work from the past and find new customers. Another key feature of the Josephine theme is a 1-click demo importer. That helps people who don’t want to launch the web design process from the ground-up. It helps to make it one of the best feminine WordPress themes.

5. Marilyn

This WordPress theme was designed for people who want to feature a fashion or style blog/website. The theme has a minimal style and color palette of soft hues. There are also many features such as a custom header logo area, newsletter sign-up, featured slider, custom background, homepage widget, social media icons, theme options, cross-browser compatibility, etc.

Marilyn can also be tweaked for a more customized design. There are also 4 different layout settings. The colors/typography provide a feminine feel to the theme.

6. Lynette

If you’re looking for feminine WordPress themes the Lynette is another option that you should consider. It’s a basic blogging theme with a minimal style. It’s designed to provide a simple and classic style that makes it easier to find content. The theme includes custom options such as a featured slider, header logo, layout settings, and featured recent posts. In addition, the theme also gives you the ability to upload custom backgrounds, translate the website into other languages, add social media icons/widgets, and work across different browsers.

The design of Lynette is based on a black on a white framework. If you’re looking for a WordPress theme with a feminine look it’s an excellent option. Elements have some rounded edges and double borders. Meanwhile, colors contain a soft feel. Finally, all the lines are even and clean to provide a very stylish look.

7. Olivie

Olivie is another WordPress theme to consider. It’s a modern theme that’s designed for women who are fans of fashion, lifestyle, and beauty blogging. It’s a stylish theme that includes an infinite scrolling option, slider, newsletter subscription section, and homepage widget section. There are also several other features including social media icons, background images, one-click auto update, and translation-ready.

Olivie also has a modern look with a minimal design and feminine color palette. The customization options are another key feature of the theme. They include social media icons/style, and the homepage slider’s settings. The theme also includes a header for editing/changing in Photoshop. This adds more customization to Word Press sites.

8. MeadowBrook

This WordPress theme has a fun version of today’s blogging design and light colors. It provides a modern and eye-catching design for lifestyle companies and bloggers. There’s a layout that’s fully responsive. This provides an opportunity to link with people throughout the world regardless of the device they use.

The theme is very practical for bloggers. The reason is people are much more likely to read your article when they’re going home from work, such on a subway train. You can use the WordPress dashboard to change your site’s content.

9. Honeycrisp

The WordPress theme provides a feminine design with tons of options to make customization easier. This WordPress theme has many color controls, typographic controls, excellent shortcodes, and the ability to adjust site/sidebar width. The theme also includes various sliders, galleries, shortcodes, and video.

10. Amelie

Feminine WordPress ThemesFeminine WordPress Themes

Here’s another WordPress theme. The feel of the theme is light and minimal. It includes 5 post formats, theme options, slider/header image homepage templates, widget areas, translation-ready feature, and shortcodes. The theme only functions with WordPress sites that are self-hosted. The theme includes tons of white space and basic elements. This provides the design with a light touch.

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